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Tips on Facebook Live in Singapore

Disclaimer: Digital Marketing is not magic. Nothing can guarantee you success, but if you try and experiment through trials and error, you will find out what works for you eventually. As with all things, and especially so with Digital Marketing, experimentation is essential for today's marketers.

In this article, I will share some Facebook Live tips in Singapore. Social media connects people globally to watch and share content. Facebook live is one of the best forms to interact with people in a better way. For instance, the host could have a live session of Q&As, which opens up the ability to understand things. Social media platforms have the best practices which can help in enhancing the traffic for your live video.

There is no denying the fact that Facebook lives are one of the best ways to create more engagement and buzz around your business and brand. Therefore, here are the ten amazing tips that can help you plan your successful Facebook Live stream.

Infographic - Tips on Facebook Live in Singapore
Infographic – Tips on Facebook Live in Singapore


1) Compelling title for Facebook Live

A title makes or breaks a live stream. The title should be a brief description of what your live broadcast is about. It should be enticing enough to make your Facebook live attractive and enjoyable. It all depends on the title of your Facebook live if the live stream will be watched by the viewers or not.

That is why you need to put a lot of thought into that title so that it grabs attention. There are many different ways to grab the attention, but the key point is you to make the title a description about your Facebook Live that targets your audience and creates interest.


2) Create an engaging content worthy for Facebook Live

It is super important to do your research and plan in advance. Many people rush through the content without proper research. This will make your content dry and would not be able to connect with anybody. Better research skills are required to come up with more relatable content and ideas. Based on some of the past topics that you’ve discussed with your audience in your previous live stream, find something that is of interest and is relatable to them.


3) Hook that grabs attention

In the first ten seconds of your Facebook Live, you need to grab your viewer’s attention. This is where everybody makes a huge mistake on Facebook Live in Singapore.

For instance, some people click on “Go Live” and start saying random things like, “Is this on? Is anybody there?” This is how you waste the time of your audience. When you create your Facebook Live, you should broadcast with audience in mind regardless if anybody is watching or not. At this moment, you need to turn that title into a verbal hook that pulls the attention.


4) Use a tool to set reminders for your Facebook Live

Use a tool that allows people to set a reminder, for example, ECAM and B Live TV. The audience will be updated about the schedule of your Facebook Live and it will remind them whenever you go on live. Moreover, it will help in bringing in the audience who do want to see what you are doing. However, the problem with this software is that they tend to decrease your organic reach. So ultimately, you have to play out the pros and cons. This will help you to have an effective Facebook Live Singapore.


5) Establish your authority

In conclusion, you don’t need your whole life story. However, you need to mention some introduction statement that will let people know who you are and what you do. It should be a quick sentence that establishes your authority that comes right after that hook. This will help in making your Facebook Live more interesting.


6) Encourage engagement during Facebook Live

Here is where you need to tell the people to like the post and click the heart button. It’s always good to learn about the best practices of a platform so you can speak the platform’s language. You might tell people to tag somebody in the comments that they should watch this broadcast.

The effectiveness of Facebook Live is based on the engagement of the audience. So, if you encourage involvement in the videos, get those likes, get those hearts, and get those engagement signals, your Facebook live will begin to increase in outreach, and more people will start watching your broadcast. So, giving that verbal call to action and doing it in a relaxed and chill way will help in your Facebook live stream.


7) Have fun and be you

The next tip is to have fun and convey your personality. Don’t be boring. Be as engaging and entertaining to people. Unleash your real personality in front of the screen. You don’t have to be crazy, silly, or goofy. Just have fun with what your personality quirks are and make sure that they show on-screen.

You can begin your Facebook live by saying things like, “Hi, I’m Jessica, and thank you so much for joining me today. I’m going to share with you my favourite tips on how to make your Facebook live videos better.”


8) Call to actions in Facebook Live

Adding a call to action on your Facebook Live will entice your audience to watch your video until the end. You should say something like “Hey, if you want to get better at this type of stuff, there’s a link at the end of this video that can help you do that, if not there’s additional free content to help you get better at Facebook advertising”. So focus on your content game, the message, and then giving a logic-based call to actions.

There are going to be people that are interested in your product and services, versus making an emotional decision. So, focus on the logic-based call to actions and you’ll notice a much better quality buyer and loyal followers.


9) Facebook Live Giveaways

There’s a certain condition when it comes to giveaways. It could be something that costs you money. Maybe you would give away a planner or one of your favourite personal developments, books, coaching call, consultation call, or perhaps a graphic design. So think about what you could give away that would serve your audience well. You can ask a question or ask them to like a video or comment so that they can stand a chance to win a gift.


10) Keep it light

It would be best if you use a lighthearted tone of voice when engaging with people. Being funny in small doses keeps your audience interested in wanting more. You don’t need to crack jokes continuously and masterfully. Go in with the mindset that you are here to help your audience and connect with them. Have a little fun along the way instead of being too serious on your Facebook live stream. Seriously, lighten it up and enjoy it.



Facebook Live is an excellent tool for communicating with your audience. Before social, being able to connect with an audience using traditional media was much more challenging. Small businesses were limited to mediums, such as print ads, telephone, or direct mail.

Today, we have video and live to stream, making it insanely much more easier and convenient to communicate with our audiences anywhere and anytime. These are the famous Facebook Live tips and strategies for a flawless Facebook live in Singapore. Feel free to ask your question via contact me or simply click the button down below

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