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SEO Checklist Singapore: How to do Local SEO in Singapore?

Disclaimer: Digital Marketing is not magic. Nothing can guarantee you success, but if you try and experiment through trials and error, you will find out what works for you eventually. As with all things, and especially so with Digital Marketing, experimentation is essential for today's marketers.

In today’s article about SEO Checklist Singapore: How to do local SEO in Singapore, I will briefly cover what is SEO as well as some of the comprehensive and well-researched points which will help your local SEO.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) helps to increase the visibility of your page on the internet. It could be your website, blog, or even your local business. Moreover, it boosts your entire brand image and credibility by improving your position in the search results. By boosting the views on your page, it also helps to convert viewers into customers.

If you own a Singapore based local business online, then doing the local SEO for your website is the essential thing in order to rank better in the search results and get many people to see your local business.

This SEO Checklist Singapore is specially designed to share with you all the comprehensive and well-researched details on improving your local SEO in Singapore.

How to do local SEO in Singapore? SEO Checklist
Infographic – Singapore SEO Checklist


SEO Checklist Singapore

1) Top of SEO checklist – Mobile optimization

Make sure your website is equally optimized with mobile phones as it is with desktop versions. There has been an increase in the use of the internet via mobile, tablets, and other portable devices as compared to desktop, according to a study in 2018. The reason is the fact that people want effortlessness in their lives.

Making your website well optimized for mobile use creates ease and also helps optimize your local SEO. It should be one of the most important things to do in your SEO checklist.


2) Doing on-page SEO for your content

The next thing you must include in your SEO checklist if you are a Singapore based company or brand is the local SEO of your webpage.

Doing the On-Page SEO of your webpage is extremely important. On-Page SEO is using a set of keywords in the right places, embedding useful links both inbound and outbound to increase the credibility of your business.

Try to put keywords in the title of your webpage. Use it in the URL as well. Also, include it in the starting and the ending paragraph and a couple of times in the middle as well.

Using your keyword about 5 times in a content of 1000 words does the justice. It also prevents Keyword stuffing.

Also, be sure to use titles like H1, H2, H3 for your headings and subheadings.

On-Page SEO helps to boost views by generating traffic.


3) Keywords research is fundamental in the SEO checklist

Keyword research is yet another vital factor in your Singapore SEO checklist. In fact, keyword research can do wonders for your local webpage in Singapore.

It is doing your research to find out the necessary set of keywords that would help people find your business in search results.

Usually, target low competition but high traffic keywords, the use of long-tail keywords and keywords relating or surrounding your topic, Latent semantic indexing, in other words, called LSI keywords also help a lot.

You can find long-tail keywords both manually and with the help of software. In this regard, we recommend you try sites like Quora, Reddit, etc. as they are a great way to find our long-tail keywords for your local SEO webpage. Keyword Suggest is a good software to use for this as well. You can also use Google’s search bar and search results for this.

Also, look for keywords that include a question in them. An interrogative keyword helps a lot in the Local SEO of your webpage as people mostly search for such questions.


4) URLs will play a crucial role for local SEO ranking

When it comes to URLs, we always recommend you keep them as short as you can. Short URLs help you rank much better in Google’s search engine, according to a study that was recently conducted.

You must also include your focus keyword in your URL. This helps a lot in ranking your local business in Singapore.


5) Image optimization is also important on the SEO checklist

Another thing that most people forget to add to their local SEO checklist is image optimization. To have better optimization and have the right people to come to your page, you must also optimize the images on your Local SEO Page.

People often do their searches through images. Finding the right image with the right description and keyword will lead them directly to your webpage.


6) Using internal and external links will benefit your SEO

Using internal and external links on your webpage helps to add credibility to your local webpage based in Singapore. It helps people trust your webpage because they can find out all the necessary information they need on your webpage.

Be sure to link out at least 5 to 8 authority webpages in the article you’ve written. Also, try to embed relevant inbound links (internal linking) in the webpage. This will help increase traffic by directing people to other relevant pages on your website.


7) Checkout for all the technicalities – top priority on the SEO checklist

There are many technical things that you need to add to your Singapore SEO checklist.

The first and the foremost thing to do is to add an HTTPS (SSL certification) to your webpage as this calls for a confirmed ranking in google.

The next thing is to make sure the loading speed of the webpage is quite speedy. This also helps in site optimization. A tool called PageSpeed Insights might really help you in this regard.

Looking out for broken links also improves the health of your local SEO, so check out for those as well.

From time to time, also see how your page is being viewed in Google and how it looks. Whether it is okay on mobile (mobile optimized) or not.

Looking out for any crawl errors is also important. Crawl errors means that there’s zero rankings for your webpage even if you’re doing all the things right.


8) A must on the SEO checklist is to look out for the content as well

Now we all agree just how important content is in the matter of local SEO. In Singapore, there’s a lot of competition in terms of SEO and having a killer content counts. Therefore, adding killer content to your Singapore SEO Checklist is a must.

Using the skyscraper technique where you look for all the best content pages in your niche and then come up with something even better and different is what really counts.

Also, be sure to write short sentences and short paragraphs. This increases the readability of the content. No one likes to read lengthy paragraphs, but everyone likes to read small lines since they bring a lot of clarity.

Include headings with H1, H2, H3, etc. Also, be sure to bold the important parts of the content.

Make sure you add a meta title and meta description for the relevant pages.

Look for a certain content format that better helps in ranking. Content written with original research having a great quality helps build trust.


9) Ensure a better link building strategy

To have a better strategy for backlinks, try some of the things like guest posting to make efficient and powerful backlinks. You can do this by posting free content on a powerful site and direct it to your webpage.

If needed, you can also copy the relevant link sources or backlinks used by your top competitors in the content.

Softwares like Ahrefs and Link Explorer by Moz really help in building this strategy.


10) Bonus Tip, important on the SEO checklist: Google My Business optimization

This works better if you are a business trying to promote your web page by doing local SEO to gain customers.

The first and the most foremost thing to do is to optimize your site with Google My Business. Not many people know just how important Google my Business is for their local business. It helps to optimize your business and boost sales. It also directs your content or webpage to the right people at the right time.

Moreover, Google My Business adds credibility to your webpage and allows viewers to develop brand trust.


In Conclusion

We hope you found this Singapore SEO Checklist an informative one. We’ve tried to cover all the necessary points in this comprehensive checklist to help you rank better in the search engine.

If you need help optimizing your SEO in order to rank well and allow your target audience to find you more easily, contact me for advisory services tailored to your business’ needs.

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