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My Journey with Squared Online

I’m elated that I’ve made the right choice to join Squared Online.

This journey has been an eye-opener and a fruitful experience for me. There are so much knowledge and concept for me to really think through and gaining different perspectives from different experts.

I’m excited to share with everyone some of the things that I’ve learned.

Module 1 – See Think Do Care (STDC) framework

When I first go through the STDC framework, I feel that it’s just another concept similar to the standard linear marketing funnel I was so used to; such as Awareness, Consideration, Purchase and Advocacy. But as I go through the other module, I get to use the concept of the STDC framework; I noticed there’s a key difference between the STDC framework and the standard linear marketing funnel.

The key difference lies in the way we position ourselves as a marketer. I was used to the idea of seeing the part of the funnel as an individual part to work on, and push consumer down to the next stage and having full control of the funnel. Yet it is something that is no longer valid in the current digital landscape.

The STDC framework has taught me a new way of thinking, and that is to be where the customer is. To give them the flexibility to stop at a stage and/or move as they like in a non-linear way. We should not control how consumer takes in content but by understanding how they take in content. When they are ready to consume the content, we provide them with what they want and build trust. Instead of being a control freak who forces content to our consumer without understanding if they are ready for it.

Module 2 – Google Trend, Google Consumer Barometer

The key takeaway I’ve learned from module two is that we live in a time like never before. We have big companies like Google and Facebook who are collecting a mass amount of data, waiting for people who have the right question to utilise the data to get their needed insight. When a big player provides data to help marketer who wants to get more insight into their target audience, it will make the data-first approach a lot easier for us marketers.

Module 3 – Search Marketing

This is the module I’m most comfortable with because I’m in the Search Marketing field for more than 5 years and is constantly following the latest update from blogs like AdWords Blog and WebMasters Blog.

I will highly recommend my friends who are interested in Search Engine Marketing focusing on Google, to follow these two blogs for the latest updates on Search Engine Marketing focusing on Google.

Since technology is moving at a fast pace, so it’s better to always stay updated. Just as Google is encouraging people to keep themselves up-to-date with changes that are taking place in the tech industry.

I’m not a big fan of Display Marketing because of my experience from running campaigns that never really bring me any conversions. Thus I never really pay much attention to it. But when the concept of programmatic was introduced, it caught my interest right away as it’s one of the main reason why I wanted to join Squared Online in the first place.

Module 4 – Google Analytics

Before Squared Online, I’ve had some experience with Google Analytics due to the nature of my work, I use it to track clickstream. But I was introduced to something that I’ve never really used before in Google Analytics, and that is the Attribution Model. It is something I found it to be valuable and I’ll be allocating time to learn more about it to know how I can use it to better measure my future campaigns.

Module 5 – Programmatic

It’s the most exciting module for me because I know nothing much about programmatic and was hoping to learn more about it. Personally, I find that the amount of information provided for programmatic is not enough because I was looking at ways to let me, as an individual to have a start on practising programmatic advertising.

The content provided is more on the concept rather than a starting guide on programmatic. However, from the course, I understand it is still in a very early stage for programmatic to uphold the promise of delivering the right message to the right people at the right time. Thus, there’s still room for improvement.


I will recommend this Squared Online course for friends who want to learn more about the concept of digital marketing and meet with like-minded professionals and experts who are currently working in the field. Personally, I also noticed the further readings section provided in each class from each module is always beneficial as it always provides a more in-depth and practical content for people who want to dive deeper.